Hi, my name is Marco and I offer life coaching sessions on the phone and in-person in Rome. Now I’ll give you some info about me. Then I’ll explain to you what I offer and how to contact me. You can jump the boring bits if you like.

Marco AdragnaI graduated from Oxford University and I studied Transactional Analysis psychology at the Berne Institute in Kegworth. I also studied psychosynthesis psychology and ontological coaching and I passed the accreditation exam of the International Coach Federation. As head of the BlackBerry Partnership Program I created a network of more than 200 companies and launched the first BlackBerry Partnership Fund in Italy. In my role I was supposed to nurture the relationship between the partners and BlackBerry so that they both could benefit. My job included coaching the partners and preparing them for changes in the competitive marketplace, media interviews and other challenges. In 2009 I began offering life coaching sessions.  I had lots of fun doing that and clients seemed happy so I decided to leave my previous job and I started working full time as an independent coach. That’s what I still do today. In my free time, I love writing songs and playing beach volley.

So what do I offer? You can hire me as a life coach, especially if you are thinking to make an important change in your life. Coaching can be done either via the telephone or in my office in Rome. I am the Life Coach with the most reviews in Italy.

If you have a question please send a Whatsapp message to (+39) 334 243 41 29 or drop me an email: info [at] lifecoachroma.com